Past Portfolio Performance

The following is a table showing the performance of APIL property syndicates that have been purchased and sold.

PropertyYears HeldSectorAverage Yield paCapital Return on Investors Equity+Average Total Annual Return on Equity PA#
405 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park7.8Large Format Retail15.0%182.8%38.4%
Marlows Midland12.5Large Format Retail11.5%44.1%15.0%
10 Kings Park Road, West Perth (1,2)9.8Office12.9%244.3%37.9%
79 McCoy St, Myaree7.3Industrial11.2%126.1%28.5%
888 Nicholson Rd, Canning Vale4.5Large Format Retail9.7%95.6%31.0%
2 Kings Park Rd, West Perth6.4Office12.0%138.7%33.6%
Sheffield House, Hay St Mall, Perth (1)11Office/Retail13.1%150.2%26.7%
APIL Wingate St Leonards Office Trust3.6Office/Retail8.75%79.1%30.5%

Please note:  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance


  1. Initial syndicate term extended
  2. APIL retired as Trustee

+ Capital Return on Investors Equity represents the capital profit percentage (%) of the investors initial equity invested (after all fees and costs and before tax), which is in addition to the return of the investors initial equity invested.

# Average Total Annual Return on Equity (PA) is calculated by the sum of: Capital Return on Investors Equity divided by the time the asset was held, plus Average Yield PA (over Years Held) The returns are net of all costs, fees and charges before tax.


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