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Past Performance

The following is a table showing the performance of APIL property syndicates that have been purchased and sold.

PropertyYears HeldSectorAverage Cash Distribution PA on Initial $1.00 Invested Average Total Cash Distribution on Equity PA#
405 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park7.8Large Format Retail15.0% 38.4%
Marlows Midland12.5Large Format Retail11.5% 15.0%
10 Kings Park Road, West Perth (1,2)9.8Office12.9% 37.9%
79 McCoy St, Myaree7.3Industrial11.2% 28.5%
888 Nicholson Rd, Canning Vale4.5Large Format Retail9.7% 31.0%
2 Kings Park Rd, West Perth6.4Office12.0% 33.7%
Sheffield House, Hay St Mall, Perth (1)11Office/Retail13.1% 26.7%
APIL Wingate St Leonards Office Trust3.6Office/Retail8.75% 30.5%
59 Pilbara St, Welshpool14.2Industrial6.52% 7.05%

Please note:  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance


  1. Initial syndicate term extended
  2. APIL retired as Trustee

# ‘Average Total Cash Distribution on Equity’ (PA) is calculated as the sum of the Capital Profit % on Investors Equity (does not include the initial equity invested) divided by the time the asset was held, plus, the Average Cash Distribution PA % on Initial $1.00 Invested. The returns are after all fees and costs, and before tax.

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