Investment Strategy

By accessing the combined buying power of a number of smaller investors, APIL is able to purchase quality properties that are normally not available to many investors. In selecting these properties APIL aims for three core principles:

Single, direct property investment.

The performance of each syndicate is directly linked to a specific property asset giving investors a clear and transparent investment with assessable risks and potential return.

Properties with high tenant appeal.

Many properties will have existing anchor tenants or be located in areas of high growth with good demographic potential. By selecting properties that tenants will want to occupy the leasing risk is minimised.

Income and capital growth.

Selected properties are those which not only offer a strong and regular income stream with market rents and locked-in increases but also demonstrate a real potential for significant capital growth.

These principles are what have helped establish APIL as a leading  property syndicator, enjoying the trust of all its investors both large and small. Indeed, a large number of investors go on to reinvest their funds in new APIL property syndicates once their existing properties are sold.

APIL Financial Services Guide (FSG) October 2018

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