How Syndicates Work

In an APIL property syndicate investors purchase units in a unit trust, the trustee of which is APIL. Once the trust is formed the funds invested are used to purchase the commercial property opportunity that has been identified by APIL.

APIL does not have any direct beneficial interest in the property. APIL’s role is to act as trustee of the unit trust on behalf of all investors (who together comprise the syndicate) and to act as the professional investment manager on behalf of the syndicate.

Using this model, APIL has successfully formed a number of property syndicates that have invested in office buildings, bulky goods showrooms, shopping centres, retail and industrial properties.

APIL property syndicates offer investors the opportunity to invest in quality commercial property which they may otherwise be unable to purchase as an individual. The syndicate structure allows investors to benefit from having APIL as a professional investment manager to manage the syndicate and to ensure that all administrative and financial commitments on behalf of the syndicate are properly completed in a timely manner.