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How Syndicates Work
Guiding you through the process.

Since 2001, APIL has established 29 property syndicates with a total value of over $1 billion, past and present. Here’s more on how an APIL commercial property syndicate works.

A commercial property syndicate is a direct form of property investment, which allows investors to pool funds and purchase assets beyond what they could ordinarily buy alone.

An APIL commercial property syndicate is set up as a unit trust. APIL is the trustee, and does not have any direct beneficial interest in assets purchased by the unit trust. To be a part of the syndicate, investors buy units within the unit trust.

As well as acting as trustee for the syndicate, our role is also to act as professional investment manager on behalf of the syndicate. This includes handling administrative and financial commitments, as well as day-to-day operations, so your investments run smoothly.

We manage at least 300 commercial tenancies and 1,000 investors across Australia, including individuals, companies, SMSFs and trusts.

The benefits of a commercial property syndicate

  • Increase your property portfolio – commercial property funds allow investors to expand their asset base without having to pay duties, down payments, taxes and other levies associated with buying property.
  • Diversification – investors are able to spread their risk by investing in multiple syndicates across different locations and sectors. An APIL commercial property syndicate allows a relatively low $50,000 entry-point for investors.
  • Strategic support – knowing properties within the fund have been critically assessed by investment professionals who know what kind of assets are likely to achieve strong capital growth potential and yields.
  • Peace of mind – investments are taken care of by a team of professional property fund managers, who know how to effectively manage and operate properties to maximise yields for investors.
  • Ongoing income – once your investment has been paid, you receive monthly payments until the commercial property syndicate is officially closed, and profits are distributed between investors.
  • Greater growth – investors typically achieve greater returns by investing in a syndicate, than if they purchased a property alone. Having a larger pool of funds allows the syndicate to purchase high quality properties, with greater growth potential.
  • Time saving – investors don’t need to spend time researching potential properties, as our professional trust managers do the work for them. And, since we specialise in commercial property investment, we’re very good at finding the right kind of property.

How do you make money from APIL commercial property funds?

Our decision to focus on commercial investment properties is strategic. We believe commercial assets are stable and profitable, and our track record of success says so too. This success doesn’t happen by accident.

When we search for commercial properties to buy, we look all over Australia for office buildings, large format retail centres, shopping centres and industrial properties with capital growth potential.

We have a strict criteria that helps us pinpoint the most suitable properties for our commercial property funds. Things like high tenant appeal, and traffic and location, play a vital role in choosing properties capable of yielding strong returns.

These returns come in the form of rents, paid by tenants and then passed on to you, the investor. Once your initial investment has been paid, these payments come to you on a monthly basis, until the trust is closed and profits are divided amongst investors, based on their share.

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For more information about how an APIL commercial property syndicate works, feel free to contact us. Our managers and directors are always happy to discuss the logistics behind our syndicates, and whether investing in an APIL syndicate is the right choice for you.

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