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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of investing in a property syndicate?

The opportunity to achieve true diversification in a portfolio by participating in the income and capital growth available from investing in quality commercial real estate. Normally these properties are out of reach of smaller investors. By enjoying the buying power of a larger group and the expertise of professional investment managers investors are in a much better position than individual investors.


Who can invest?

APIL retail funds are open to personal investors and SMSF’s. Units are usually available in blocks of $50,000.


How is my investment protected?

Return comes from two sources rent and capital growth. Like any investment there are risks associated with it. Distributions are not guaranteed and if property values fall over the life of the syndicate there may even be a capital loss.


What if I want to sell?

Normally you will wait until the property underlying the trust is sold, usually between five and seven years after the syndicate is established. The proceeds are then distributed to the trust. If you must withdraw earlier we will attempt to secure a buyer for your units.


I’m interested. What do I do next?

Call Peter Hughes on (08) 9380 3222 or send an email to We will arrange an appointment for you to discuss the opportunities currently on offer.

Want to invest?

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