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A showcase of our syndicates.

APIL is a commercial real estate investment company with many established funds, currently paying monthly cash distributions with potential capital growth for investors.

We have established 29 property syndicates since 2001, with a combined value of over $1 billion, past and present. If you’d like to know more about these funds, simply click on the fund that interests you below. You can also discover more about the outcomes we achieve for investors, here.

The funds detailed below are closed for investment, however if you’d like to know about current investment opportunities, we recommend you check out our Current Offerings. You may also like to register to be the first to hear about new investment opportunities, before anyone else.

Registering does not mean you are obliged to invest, it’s just a way for you to stay informed about new commercial property syndicates, as they arise. If you’d like to know more about the syndicates below, feel free to contact us.

Strategic commercial real estate investment

The properties that make up the syndicates showcased below were chosen according to a strict criteria. Our acquisitions team ensures each principle within this criteria is met, before recommending a property to investors in our syndicates.

One of the key principles behind what we choose to invest in, is location and tenant demand. Commercial properties must be located in prime business precincts, and be in high demand from tenants. This ensures the risk of vacancies is minimised.

Income and capital growth matter too. We only recommend assets that seek to deliver strong and regular cash distributions, with capital growth potential. And finally, every syndicate we operate must be directly linked to identifiable assets.

We share this information because we want investors to have full knowledge of our investment strategy, including assessable risks and potential returns. If you’d like more information about our commercial real estate investment company, please contact us.

Why do people invest with us?

The companies, trusts, SMSFs and individuals who invest with us do so for a number of reasons, including:

  • Strategic support – our acquisitions team has decades of experience pinpointing properties that yield strong returns and capital growth potential. We draw on networks across Australia to choose properties that match our strict investment criteria.
  • Peace of mind – we manage the finances and day-to-day operations of the properties in your syndicate. Our investors know their properties are being professionally taken care of, and your investment is maximised.
  • Relatively low entry point – investors can invest in an APIL syndicate for a minimum of $50,000. This encourages diversification and lowers risk for investors, while encouraging first time investors to step into the market.
  • Quality assets – by pooling funds, investors are able to access high quality assets with a greater value than what they could ordinarily achieve alone. This typically results in greater returns, than what would be possible by investing solo.
  • Experienced and astute – our managers and directors are backed by decades of real experience and knowledge in commercial property investment. Our investors benefit from this experience directly.
How does an APIL commercial property fund work?

In broad terms, a commercial property fund works when a group of investors pool their funds to purchase assets beyond what they could ordinarily buy alone. APIL does this as a unit trust, which means investors buy units within the trust (with a minimum value of $50,000).

It’s important to note that we don’t have any direct beneficial interest in the properties we purchase for the trust. Our role is to manage the trust on behalf of the investors, which means recommending properties to purchase, handling finances and taking care of the day-to-day operations of the properties.

Once the investor’s initial payment has been made, they receive a monthly cash distributions, which comes from rental payments made by tenants of the commercial properties. When the property fund closes, profits are shared between investors, based on the share they have in the unit trust.

If you’d like to know more about our commercial real estate investment company, including our past and present syndicates, please contact us. Our managers and directors are happy to speak with you in our West Perth office, or over the phone.