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APIL Industrial Fund No. 1 is opening soon to investors for a limited time. If you’d like to invest, please register your interest today.

APIL is pleased to introduce the latest acquisition to the APIL Industrial Fund No. 1:

  • 80 Hartnett Drive, Seaford VIC

On completion of the above acquisition, the fund will comprise six properties with a total acquisition price nearing $90.0M.

The supplementary PDS dated is scheduled for release in late December 2020. Please register your interest via the link above to receive a copy.

Investors are able to buy into APIL Industrial Fund No. 1 for as little as $50,000. This allows investors to access commercial properties beyond the scope of what they could normally achieve alone. And spread their risk by investing in multiple locations and sectors.

Opportunities to invest in APIL Industrial Fund No. 1 will only be open for a limited time. If you are interested in coming on board, we encourage you to register your interest to receive a copy of the Supplementary PDS.

What you need to know about our newest property syndicate

  • 5 properties have already been acquired as part of the syndicate.
  • These properties are valued at approximately $70 million.
  • Properties are chosen based on their high tenant appeal.
  • As well as other key factors that yield strong potential capital returns.
Why invest in APIL Industrial Property Fund No. 1?
  • Long term established tenants – we pinpoint properties leased by established tenants with long leases, to ensure consistent ongoing returns for investors.
  • 7.5% per annum cash distribution – for year one and two of the property syndicate, we forecast an annual cash distribution of 7.5%.
  • Diversification – this portfolio includes multiple properties in locations all over Australia, for optimal income diversification.
  • Established industrial precincts – we target properties in established industrial precincts within capital cities in Australia.
  • Minimum investment of $50,000 – making this property syndicate accessible to first time investors, and those who want to lower risk and diversify their asset base.
Current acquisitions

We are still in the process of acquiring assets for APIL Industrial Fund No. 1. However, our current asset base for the fund includes the following properties:

  • 29-37 Wilkins Road, Gillman, South Australia
  • 30 Brickworks Place, Darra, Queensland
  • 15 Titanium Court Crestmead, Queensland
  • 150 Quill Way Henderson, Western Australia
  • 5-17 Taminga Street Regency Park, South Australia
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What happens when I register my interest?

When you register your interest in APIL Industrial Fund No. 1, you’ll receive a Supplementary PDS, which will provide you with more detailed information about the property syndicate.

Registering your interest does not mean you’re obligated to join the fund. It’s just a way for you to get more information, so you can make more informed choices about whether to invest with us. If you’d like to speak with us further, you’re welcome come into our West Perth office, or contact us to find out more.

Why invest with APIL?

Since 2001, we’ve established and operated 28 successful unlisted property funds. These funds have included high quality commercial properties, based in key locations around Australia.

Choosing the right properties for our funds ensures our investors achieve optimal return on their investment. This is why we have a strict criteria for selecting properties with strong yields and potential for capital growth.

Of course, we also draw on our in depth knowledge of the market, and the acute insight we have honed over decades in the investment sector. We believe this why we have been able to deliver consistent returns for our investors, regardless of how the market is tracking.

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